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Thursday, January 27, 2022

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout #VALENTINESDAY #EROS @AMMOSNEWYORK @AMMOSESTIATORIO #EventSpace #Midtown #Manhattan #JanuaryFineDining #FebruaryFineDining Exclusively by #Ammos #Estiatorio by #DimitrisNakos A Peachy's Pick for OVER a Decade!

Happy Valentine's Day from Ammos and Peachy!
Pair your dinner with this beautifully appointed Techni Alipias White, a refreshing blend of Assyrtiko and Sauvignon Blanc.  Of course Peachy dresses to match the wine bottle.
Peachy's favorite Garides Katataifi with the bespoke Ammos Beurre Blanc Sauce
Peachy's Greek word of the Month: EROS for Valentine's Day!

If we believe Eros is going to AMMOS ESTIATORIO for Valentine's Day, shouldn't you?  Important days are best left to the professionals like the Greek Goddesses and Gods of Ammos on Vanderbilt Avenue, just steps from Manhattan's legendary Grand Central Station.  A menu created exclusively for Valentine's Day is indeed thrilling and even if you are not in love with a person you definitely will be in love with this dinner!  And if someone really loves you they will be taking you out to dinner!  Dinner at Ammos is always to be counted upon!  And ladies there is a complimentary glass of champagne for you in this winner of a $89 three-course deal which includes a starter, main course and dessert.
Our picks from this LOVE MENU include:
Seafood Ceviche
This wondrous splendor will enrapture you with its sublime symphony of diced salmon, red snapper, Mediterranean sole,  Chilean bass, calamari, octopus, celery, tomato, onions, cilantro and fresh lime juice and kicked up a notch with serrano chili peppers!  It teams up with crisp fried pita bread that is pan fried with salt, black pepper and oregano for a stunning setting.  It is exactly this colorful and note our pictures are always unedited: you excel like Ammos or we are not publishing.  And, to re-emphasize the title, Ammos Estiatorio has been recommended for over a decade now, but who's counting and Peachy and Dimitris certainly haven't aged at all during those years because of the healthful mediterranean diet!
Look at that seafood ceviche smiling at you:
Another starter and our personal favorite is the Garides Kataifi!  These succulent shrimp go to the beach of beaten egg and milk bath and cannonball gracefully after they roll in a mix of Japanese bread crumbs, garlic and phyllo dough angel hair, all giving that shrimp a generous tight hug.  A silver dreamboat of beurre blance sauce, a lovely butter sauce with garlic in a wine reduction, completes this enchanted ambrosial appetizer that is sure to result in a big heart of a hug from both your tastebuds and your stomach.
To go with these starters we suggesting this refreshing Techni Alipias White which is a fruity, aromatic wine boasting bright color and yellowish-green antafgeies (highlights) ; it is a blend of Assyrtiko which gives it a kick and Sauvignon Blanc which rounds it out with a kindness yielding a healthy balance to enliven your seafood edibles.  Robert Parker gave this a 90 out of 100.
Now to the main course!  You cannot beat a smashing red with a carnivorous entree to get right to the heart of Valentine's Day!  Meet our new best friend, Arni Yiouvetsi, which is the Greek casserole-type dish and the Greek answer to Ossobuco.  Lamb is triumphantly braised with onions, carrots and celery, fresh tomato, olive oil, and a spice blend of salt, black pepper and cinnamon.  When it is almost done, Kritharaki (orzo) is added and it is finished with feta and parsley for the winning goal in your stomach.  Savor the succulence and the powerful cinnamon is just the right amount to give it flavor and style without overwhelming you. 
The Methimon 7, a striking combination of Limniona, Syrah, and Grenache Rouge in equal parts is the perfect pairing with this lamb, and the liquid gold is evocative of barrel and ripe red fruits and achieves a splendid balance.
Arni Youvetsi glamour shots!
We just heard it say, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."
The grand finale was the Baklava, which is enhanced with premium mixed nuts layered in Phyllo Dough delicately dipped in honey syrup drizzled with dark Belgian chocolate served with fig ice cream to complete your Eros Valentine's Day Ammos experience!

Ammos continues to earn our Highest Recommendation.

 52 Vanderbilt Avenue New York, NY 10017 Tel: 212.922.9999

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