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Sunday, August 13, 2023

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout #TheConsulate #UpperWestSide @theconsulatenyc 519 Columbus Avenue A Peachy's Pick Since 2021 #Summer2023 by #KirilMihajlov #MetodijaMihajlov #MiljanKomnenic #IgorDrca

Owner Kiril Mihajlov
Say yes please s'il vous plait to the Grilled Artichoke!
Sous Chef Byron Penafiel and Owner Kiril Mihajlov
Achieving the Peachy's Pick status in 2021The Consulate Upper West Side has been consistently the best and brightest NEW performer on a regular basis in all of Manhattan since the end of covid.  They were last featured a year ago, and since then, The Consulate Midtown has opened and also achieved the Peachy's Pick status.  Every visit we've had to The Consulate is a proven winner and you should know there are a lot of places that come and go, but we are convinced The Consulate is here to stay and is going to be a big player in the Manhattan fine dining scene for years to come.
Do everyone's specials look this amazing?
Of course not.
But we're not writing ABOUT everybody.
We have simple taste and only like the best, so Peachy Deegan goes to both Consulates.
We are writing FOR everyone~!
Readers, put The Consulate Upper West Side on your list.
We are always interested in the specials menu after we are familiar with your primary work.  The Two Ways Asparagus Salad was simply stunning and we reveled in its poached egg and shaved green asparagus, cherry tomatoes and boursin cheese.  Not only was it colorful and nutritious but it was thoughtfully presented with artistic flair above.  Below, the Brussels and Kale salad with shaved brussels and pecorino, tuscan kale and green apples solidified our confidence in this menu item and they are the utmost in listening and put the dressing on the side as the uberpicky one here asked!
An appetizer that is a surefire winner is the Grilled Artichoke, and pictures speak louder than words.  The whole grilled artichoke is served with lemon aioli and the visual splendor and richness in flavor will wow you.  Also note the bathrooms are super clean and among the best in this area and you are presented with hot towels at the table, which we also love.  
Next, the Wild Mushrooms and Truffle Flatbread totally hit the spot and the goat cheese, truffle oil and chives meld together gorgeously!  It is a winner any time of  year and the flavors are phenomenal.  Also don't miss Kiril talking about Bastille Day on camera too with Executive Chef Alan Vargas!
The Pan-Seared Halibut was another hit on the day we visited from the specials menu and the sweet potato puree dazzled with the corn salad and peperonata salsa which boasted just the right zing.   You should know the specials emerge on a daily basis and gives the culinary team the opportunity to combine international dishes with the French technique of cooking.  Every day from five to seven pm there are Daily Specials.   
The sides we tried were all spectacular in their own right and superior to many other sides we see in both flavor and presentation.  From the Brussel Sprouts with bacon which are our favorite side to all the vegetables, The Consulate absolutely nails it.  Short Rib Cavatelli is most definitely a crowd favorite any time of year and you certainly should make it a dining priority in your life with the braised short rib dancing in the cavatelli amazingly topped with sheep's ricotta cheese.  

Of course Steak Frites is a major part of French cuisine and all of the Steaks at The Consulate are superlative.  This trip, we tried from the specials menu the Grilled New York Strip Steak which arrives in style with roasted garlic chimchurri sauce to-die-for and mashed potato.  It was grilled medium rare as ordered, reconfirming the total and complete excellence of The Consulate Upper West Side.
The Consulate Upper West Side continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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