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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout A Peachy's Pick Since 2009, Winter 2024 #Arturos Since 1982 by #JosephineNapolitano and #JosephNapolitano #UpperEastSide #Manhattan

Absolutely decadent, delicious Petto di Pollo alla Parmigiana with string beans
It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Josephine and Joseph Napolitano, founders and owners of Arturo's Since 1982 on Manhattan's storied Upper East Side, of course the best part of town.  They met in high school at a dance, and they both had parents that owned restaurants in Queens growing up.   Josephine and Joe are proud St. John's graduates and everyone knows Peachy is a Boston College Eagle!  (Our buddy Gerard Meagher of Old Town is another Peachy's Pick who is a Fordham Grad.) The above accolades greet you on the wall when you walk in: the first is a woman's award presented to Josephine in March 2021 and the other is an award for 40 years in business.  

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice and Joe and Josephine are nice!  It's evident they take great pride in personally greeting guests and their vocation is still family-owned and classic; they use recipes from their parents and have specials every day.  Arturo's was among the very first to earn a spot in Peachy's Picks in 2009, and it's named after Joe's father, Arturo Napolitano who came from Naples, where Joe was born.  In 2009, we even did previews before we visited, and it was also in Tasty Tidbits first.
All great meals begin with a salad, and there are four choices at Arturo's.
Above, please meet the Tre Colore Insalate.
Radicchio, Arugula, Endive and Bermuda Onion arrive in style in an artful presentation and they listened and put the dressing on the side for Ms. Uberpicky.
Arturo's is dedicated to using local produce when it is in season and all produce that we befriended this visit was super fresh, including the Insalate Alla Cesare which we did want dressed and it was just right, not too much dressing.
Melanzane Rollatini was the first item from this review that magically disappeared, living happily ever after in Peachy's stomach.  Actions speak louder than words, readers.  Rolled eggplant, sliced so thin in tantalizing layers is expertly stuffed with intoxicatingly splendid ricotta and mozzarella and baked in tomato sauce.  This is a must on your visit as a hot appetizer: Antipasti Caldi.
We count a dozen pasta selections on the menu, and narrowing down what you're going to have is one of life's tough decisions.  We opted for the Lasagna, above.  Beef and Veal team up 50/50 to sing the carnivorous melody to the cheesy tomato harmony in this absolutely delicious classic.  As you know from previous posts, Peachy loves Carbonara and the Linguine Carbonara is a coveted selection at Arturo's.  You'll revel in the pasta in cream sauce with prosciutto, bacon, onions and romano cheese all fabulously emanating gorgeous flavor.
The entree selection at Arturo's boasts great depth and quality.  We applaud the Carne Meat section especially for the unique styles that are not always common today but if you are of Peachy's generation, they are classics you grew up on.  Carne alla Arturo pays tribute to their history: meat with sauteed peppers, onions and mushrooms was a staple in 1980s popular culture and we chose the pork chops to showcase it: an amazing, succulent dish.  Of course, they give you the right knife and the flavoring was spectacular and certainly Joe's dad is smiling down at their accomplishment.
Avid readers know Peachy is a Chicken Parm monster, akin to the Cookie Monster and you can even get it with a side of our favorite vegetable, green beans.  Breaded breast of chicken luxuriates in homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella to totally wow you and light up your night.
Note the pictures are totally unedited, as usual.  
You kill it and win like Josephine and Joe, or we do not publish.
This is exactly as our dinner looked.
The fish selection, Pesce, also presents you with an extensive list of choices and we chose Scampi alla Griglia: shrimps broiled with garlic, white wine, lemon and butter and a side of spinach sealed the deal.  Beautifully butterflied, the shrimp were succulent and exactly what we are looking for and they reveled in the sauce fantastically.  If you are a cheesecake enthusiast, we hear theirs is tops and we were presented with a lovely cannoli to close the evening:
A Peachy's Pick Since 2009, Arturo's continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

1617 York Ave, New York
(212) 535-4480

Their website tells us:
Opened in 1982, Arturo's is one of the few remaining authentic, old-fashioned Italian Restaurants on the Upper East Side. Chef and owner Joseph Napolitano, who took over the business started by and named after his father, is proud to offer to his dedicated clientele a "no frills" dining experience. The food at Arturo's has hints of influence from the old Italian neighborhoods in New York City and traditions that are long forgotten by many of today's more trendy Italian eateries.

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