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Monday, May 13, 2024

Their Second Hit on #WhomYouKnow #LaGrandeBoucherie by Emil Stefkov led Daily in New York by General Manager #AlexGerea #Cuisine #Francaise #Traditionelle @boucherienyc

Dit: Oui Oui Escargots S'il vous plait!!!
That means say yes to the escargot, please!
Also say yes to the carnivorous selections, it IS the Grand Butcher:
Peachy Deegan and Alex Gerea

What's better than April in Paris?
May at LA GRAND BOUCHERIE, mes amis!
We're talking to you, readers, whom we consider friends from a distance.
And the avid readers know that French is the second language of Whom You Know, evidenced by recent annual press releases of past years.  Recently, we worked with both the French Consulate and the Academie Culinaire de France, not to mention big hits recently by stellar Peachy's Pick Le Rivage and the MADE IN FRANCE BRAND SINCE 1948, DegrenneWe're also giving you play-by-play as we hear it on the Olympic Torch.

Soooo, or alors, La Grand Boucherie is right up our alley and even if you haven't eaten there before, you will be struck by its absolute gorgeous setting and that alone will make you want to dine there in obvious style.  We first visited in the winter of 2023, and this is our second time there and it was even better.  If you are reading closely, you know that there is a big difference between being featured once and being featured twice, and frequency of features indicates how much we love you.  Actions speak louder than words.  But we will elucidate exactly why they are not just a pretty face.
A lot of people are into yoga for mediation.  The scale of deliciousness of the escargot at La Grand Boucherie put Peachy in a trance and delicately dining upon them is a great way to mediate in the world according to Peachy Deegan.  You will escape any New York troubles you may have and be transported away to the snails, shallots, lemon, parsley and garlic butter.  The escargots are imported from France we understand.  The plate is hot so don't go so crazy that you burn yourself.  There are two snails in each circle so you have a total of a dozen.  Peachy preferred the Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc to team up with this culinary feat.
Obviously, they give you the right fork.  
Bravo to their salad selections.
Everyone remembers Mover and Shaker Mireille Guiliano and French Women Don't Get Fat, need we say more.  You don't need to tell French people to eat their vegetables and we know this firsthand from our friends in Paris.  Above, meet La Salade Nicoise: Bibb lettuce, tomato, hard boiled eggs, AMAZING SAFFRON POTATOES (remember Peachy is Irish therefore somewhat an authority on potatoes especially having resided in Cork, Ireland), peppers, haricots verts, breakfast radish, confit tuna, anchovy and olives.  Of course they listened and put the dressing on the side for Ms. Uberpicky.  Another note, they understand her level of pickiness here!
Eat the rainbow, indeed.  It's both delicious and an artful presentation.
Avid readers know that green beans are Peachy's favorite vegetable, so Salade de Haricots Verts et De Moules was a dream come true.  Or a REVE.  That's dream in French.  Super unique, it's perfect for spring: mussels, green beans, shallots and dijonnaise mustard vinaigrette, which was a well-balanced and flavorful dressing that did not overwhelm the salad (take note, a lot of other restaurants.)
Additionally, there are NO SHELLS which we appreciate!
Dinner is not supposed to be a lot of work.
Carnivores, rejoice.
Happiness is eating any of the seven Pieces du Boucher at La Grand Boucherie.
That means meat.
Boucherie means Butcher.
The flavor and perfection of grilling means they are super serious about your dinner and you are going to love it.  This is the Entrecote Grillee.  We aspire to try the other 4 (not the lamb-Peachy doesn't like lamb) another day...we believe we had Steak Frites last time.
Entrecote Grille is a 12 oz Australian grass-fed ribeye and was medium rare as we asked, evidenced below.   We love the custom knife.  Happiness is steak at La Grand Boucherie with Bordeaux Rouge shown below, and you should absolutely make a reservation because even though they seat 600, General Manager Alex Gerea, who is a pleasure to work with again, told us they had 67,000 reservations in December of 2023 for close to 70,000 spots and in all of 2023 they had 380,000 reservations.  
Alex runs a tight ship we can see along with three assistant managers and four captains; it's very well-supervised and professional, and beyond that, approachable and friendly.  Diego Luna was a lovely server to work with this visit.
Can you remember the last time we said something like that about a restaurant this size?
Their tremendous popularity now extends to locations in Washington DC, Chicago and Miami with more on the horizon.
Of course Mademoiselle Peachy opted for the bearnaise sauce to go with it and the roasted mini pepper and salad were ideal steak companions.
We never edit pictures.
The truth is, everything here looks as great as you see and the flavor is in the upper echelons of taste.
The biggest surprise of the night was the brilliantly creative Loup de Mer.  Of course you would expect the steak to rule here, but this Branzino is among the best we've had in recent memory.  It's a dish with layers of flavor hits and a gorgeous presentation: eggplant caviar, confit tomatoes, and aged Parmesan shavings are in perfect proportion to make this a winner.  In fact, Loup de Mer was our favorite dish this visit.  Also, there are chives on top which we also adore and it was the right touch.
Finally, they suggested a festive Ananas Roti Au Miel to finish: Honey roasted pineapple, vanilla Malagasy creme, ginger confit, lime tuiles, pineapple gel and lime sorbet.

We continue to be impressed at a high level and we look forward to seeing what they do next.

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