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Thursday, July 21, 2022

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout #NewYork #Manhattan #RestaurantWeek Specials at @AmmosEstiatorio @AmmosNewYork Always Highly Recommended The Best Seafood and The Best Beach in Manhattan

Restaurant Week!  At Ammos Estiatorio!!!!
Surf's up at Ammos Estiatorio with Executive Chef Bruno Marino who could not be MORE EXCITED to make your dinner.   And we are here to tell you after personally experiencing it you should be super duper uber excited to EAT IT!!! Videos, nevermind pictures, speak louder than words!  The Bruno Marino show is back!  
The best deal in town is the 3 course New York City Restaurant Week Dinner Menu at Ammos, shown above and Bruno selected some fabulous highlights to wow us with and share with our highly intelligent readers of discriminating taste....which is why they go to 52 Vanderbilt Avenue to dine in style!
First let's take a look at the Seafood Ceviche, a superb summer favorite appetizer.
From every angle, this fish starter is a clearcut winner with its fresh amalgamation of finely diced Tuna, Salmon, Chilean Bass and Red Snapper.  It keeps getting better and better each time we taste it and as the temperature goes up, it hits the spot that much more.  No one wants to cook in this weather and why would you any time of year when you can visit Ammos Estiatorio!  The fish is marinated in lemon juice and joined exquisitely by onions, diced tomatoes, spiced chopped Serrano chili peppers and cilantro.  It's completely ravishing and evocative of the heights of summer flavor.  Ammos is the best beach you can hope for in Manhattan!
Of course stay hydrated and you can do it beautifully at Ammos.

Produce is the star of the show here in the Salata Kipou!  As you know we never edit pictures: you excel like Executive Chef Bruno Marino and Owner Dimitris Nakos or we do not publish. It is precisely this bold, vivid and nutritious as you see here.  We are huge fans of produce and love the produce show so we just revel in this kind of nutritious excellence.  Baby arugula, fine julienne carrots, mixed peppers, brussels sprouts, haricots verts and especially outstanding: tri-color cauliflower all rejoice in a bespoke light lemon garlic dressing making it runway-worthy of the catwalk to your stomach.
Relax and dream about your dinner with the Kolokitho-Keftedes glamour shots:
Kolokitho-Keftedes are an absolute must under appetizers!  Crispy zucchini fritters, they are super fun-sized and arrive with intoxicatingly delicious graviera and feta cheese!  Mint evoo strategically kicks up the flavor a notch and they are all ready to cannonball into the pool of coveted, amazing tzatzki dip for your dining pleasure.  Flavorful, enticing and delicious, they are like a big warm hug on your palate and taste even better.  They are absolutely addictive and Peachy is proud to be addicted to them.
As you can see Ammos is tremendously popular so we encourage you to make a reservation.  The Main Course Bruno chose for us is the Arni Yiouvetsi!  A rich, tender dream of all carnivores, this traditional slowly cooked lamb shank incredibly described by Bruno on the above video luxuriates in a superlative homemade tomato sauce over Greek Orzo casserole which rounds it out in tremendous culinary fashion.  The richness of flavor is truly extraordinary and completely envelops your senses from the announcing scent of the sprig of rosemary to its brilliant pristine inviting presentation to the fireworks of flavor once your fork commences the edible journey of the commanding lamb shank so carefully slowly cooked to its climax of flavor.
From the Baklava of mixed nuts layered in phylo dough dipped in honey syrup above to the Karidopita walnut cake dipped in honey cinnamon syrup served with vanilla ice cream, the spectacular authentic Greek desserts are like a trip to Europe in your stomach even though you are on Vanderbilt Avenue.

Ammos continues to earn our Highest Recommendation.
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