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Thursday, August 11, 2022

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout #NewYork #Manhattan #WorldPremiere of #FettuccineSantorini and #SeafoodYouvetsi at @AmmosEstiatorio They Earn Our Highest Recommendation @AmmosNewYork #August2022 #52VanderbiltAvenue

The best team in the business! 
Executive Chef Bruno Marino and Owner Dimitris Nakos launch Fettuccine Santorini and Seafood Youvetsi in their world premiere and toast it with the Mochopolis 24 Pinot Noir, which enjoys exclusivity at Ammos since June of 2022 and Ammos is the only place in New York State to have this rich, robust Pinot Noir.  
When you walk in the doors of 52 Vanderbilt Avenue, you can be assured you are entering the highest echelon of seafood dining ambition in Manhattan!  
Bruno, Dimitris and Peachy

Ammos Estiatorio always has the freshest fish and it also has the most talented chef in the business, Executive Chef Bruno Marino, who with Owner Dimitris Nakos has launched their two newest dishes on Whom You Know!
We cannot get enough of Fettuccine Santorini and Seafood Youvetsi!
There is no better way than to beat the heat and this high-level of sublime seafood extravaganza will make your day.  Even you, Clint Eastwood.
Absolutely exquisite and the pure definition of seafood deliciousness, each respectively wows and tantalizes your tastebuds and evidence that what the best do is they get better.
At any given moment you visit you'll see no one has fresher fish!
We never edit pictures.
You excel like Ammos or we do not publish.
The accomplished culinary professionals of Ammos Estiatorio
Each and every element of hospitality down to the last detail is attended to at Ammos Estiatorio, and if it isn't 100 degree weather that gets you in the mood for a fabulous salad with the ripest, juiciest produce that cool you down even on the hottest days we don't know what would.
The Horiatiki is gorgeously emblazoned with the finest Beefsteak tomatoes, Kalamata olives, Spring onions, cucumbers, tri-color peppers, barrel-aged feta, fresh Mount Taygetos oregano,  and evoo that sing a symphony of nutrition and highlight the cascade of the season's bounty.  In Greek, Horiatiki means village so the name of this salad aptly evidences its true essence with the harvest of today.
From Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece after Athens, the Mochopolis 24 Pinot Noir enjoys exclusivity at Ammos since June of 2022 and Ammos is the only place in New York State to have this rich, robust Pinot Noir.  Though made by a Pinot Noir grape, we found this to have much more character in the notes of red which yield cherry, floral and intense notes of berries because barrels that are used to age the wine have a pronounced history and have been used before.  This wine is aged in used oak barrels for 24 months which is an ideal time horizon to secure the unbelievable taste and we find it to have a far more robust flavor than any other Pinot Noir.  It is far less oaky than the California Pinot Noirs that you may be familiar with.  It is from the Macedonia area of Northern Greece.  The sophisticated slightly sweet fruit flavor is metallic and pairs remarkably well with seafood for a red wine.
Happiness is dining at Ammos!
From every angle, the Fettuccine Santorini is the embodiment of seafood and pasta perfection!
The biggest shrimp, Prawns, lord over this magnificent entree with smaller shrimps also included.  Sauteed in garlic and diced spanish onions in olive oil, the picturesque Prawns do an award-winning waltz in fantastic Fettuccine ideally al dente that is the coming of the new pescatarian regime in Manhattan.  Tomato feta cream is the perfect finishing touch as its succulent sauce and of course my friends the feta is from Greece.  Basil-infused olive oil that is a stunning shade of green below comes to this party on a plate giving it a rich, exotic balanced flavor.  We cannot overemphasize the pure delicousness of it and it is Peachy's favorite dish ANYWHERE right now and she cried when she finished it.  Tears of joy for the high caliber dish and tears of sadness that it was gone.  Of course she will be going back to Ammos to eat it again.
The other new kid on the block is the Seafood Youvetsi!
A highly esteemed amalgamation of calamari, shrimp, mussels, snapper, tuna, salmon and feta all party in Greek Orzo Kritharaki!  It is lovely semolina-based orzo.  Youvetsi is a cooking style and it means to braise.  This dish is slowly baked in the oven in tomato and feta cheese fashionably to step out in style on your palate first and ultimately your stomach.  It is brilliantly balanced and not at all heavy like some lesser dishes may be on a hot day.
These two dishes further evidence Ammos Estiatorio's commanding presence in famous fish dishes in Manhattan leading the way since 2009!

Ammos continues to earn our Highest Recommendation.
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