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Monday, September 19, 2022

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout #NewYork #Manhattan It's All About the #PowerLunch and the #PrivateEvents at the Hottest Place in Town @AmmosEstiatorio They Earn Our Highest Recommendation @AmmosNewYork #September2022 #52VanderbiltAvenue

The delectable crabcakes majestically triumph complete with the Ammos fish swirl design!
It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Executive Chef Bruno Marino of Ammos Estiatorio, the hottest place right now for power lunch in Manhattan and the most elegant, delicious private events in New York.  Manhattan is back after covid and the hits keep coming at Ammos. Of course it's the best seafood in town and our always unedited pictures speak for themselves:
We started with the quintessential appetizer: Crabcakes!  Brand new on the menu, they are an absolute must-have.  The succulent crab is further embellished with dill and frisee and rolled cucumber and radicchio up the ante perfectly.  Making it even more bespoke is the Ammos Logo!  The Ammos fish swirl design is composed of a citrus carrot butter for the yellow hue and beets and balsamic glaze for the redder hue.  Dots of soy sauce with balsamic vinaigrette and the most delicious caper lemon aioli make the ideal dipping companions.
The authenticity is unsurpassed and your stomach will applaud every bite.
A visual victory from every angle, the flavor is superlative and you should book your power lunch right now.
Pan-Seared Snapper Leads the Seafood Entrees making its debut!  We love the colorful creation which indicates a high level of nutrition and flavor right from the start.  Presented on top of broccoli rabe, this is the entree you should snap up right now!  Greek orzo pasta and bites of carrot, garlic, corn and vidalia onions up the wow factor and seal the deal on your next power lunch at Ammos Estiatorio, just steps away from Manhattan's Grand Central Terminal.
A power lunch is often noted for its prime culinary endeavors!  
Meet the perfectly medium rare lamb chops that luxuriate on giant beans that are equally tender.  The entree is gorgeously seasoned with oregano, onions, garlic and the smashing feta!  Fresh lemon and evoo round it out the amazing baked wonder.  Visually enticing, the lamb will captivate your eye and your palate concurrently.  The brilliant combination will be sure to impress your dining companions whether it is a corporate executive power lunching with you or you are with a group on your next private event.
This wine has a bit of magic in it. 
See, at first it appears to have a pure white label...until you get a drop of wine on it.
More drops of wine reveal the name!
Ammos is proud to present Naked King from the Pieria Eratini Winery!  It really is the king of wines.  It's the flagship wine from this winery and is as rich and concentrated as your next deal you'll close over it.  It demonstrates a unique and local terroir-driver expression of Syrah weighing in at an 85 percent ratio rounded out with Kolindrino at 15 percent enhancing its tannic structure.  Fifteen years ago the vines that bear this fruit were planted and the altitude and cold southerly winds from Mount Olympus cultivate a long ripening period while maintaining premium freshness in Northern Greece.  
The two grape varieties are co-fermented at temperatures that don't exceed 24C/75.2F and the total maceration is at Bordeaux levels of close to 25 days.
Expressive with notes of black cherries and blueberries, vanilla and licorice it translates to a fleshy and rich wine with velvety tannins.  It's versatility confirms it goes well with both the fish and meat.

Ammos continues to earn our Highest Recommendation.
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