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Monday, February 27, 2023

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout #NewYork #Manhattan @AmmosNewYork @AmmosEstiatorio Cozy Up this Winter with a 24 oz Bone-In Ribeye Steak and Chocolate Lava Cake!

Life is uncertain.
Eat dessert first!
The extraordinary Chocolate Lava Cake of Ammos Estiatorio!
Owner of Ammos Estiatorio, Dimitris Nakos, with his legendary Ceviche!
Cool and refreshing, the Ceviche of Ammos Estiatorio beckons you to enter and take a seat at the hottest beach in New York!  Of course, avid readers know Ammos means sand in Greek, therefore you can turn your winter frown upside down when you enter the virtual sun and fun of Ammos!  The incredible amalgamation of flavors awaits you with the Ceviche: Tuna, Chilean Sea Bass, Salmon and a selection of the finest fish flown in daily are all in tandem marinated with fresh lemon juice, spices, diced tomato and a fabulous serrano hot pepper kick!
A perfect edible flower garnish seals the deal!
Don't miss the gorgeous new display of fresh fish just to the left as soon as you walk in.  
Ammos is the authority on Greek Seafood!
A lot of restaurants are one-trick ponies, one-hit wonders and other describable words we'll leave out.  We only publish on the best, and discard the rest.  Actions speak louder than words and we have been praising Ammos Estiatorio since we first published in early May 2011, the first time it was ever published on here, and when it immediately graduated to Peachy's Picks later that month when we stated it was the best Greek restaurant we'd ever encountered.  Why would we write on a restaurant for so long? We would because it has high standards and is multi-talented.  Though Ammos is legion for its seafood, did you know they also excel in carnivorous endeavors?  Check out the 24 oz steak from a local Greek Butcher in Astoria:
We ordered it Medium Rare, and unlike lesser venues, at Ammos it is rendolent of a fine steakhouse.  The bone-in Ribeye, named Brizola on the menu, champions succulent bites of mouthwatering beef embellished with herbed compound butter that will evoke the centuries of Greek history that led to such excellence.  It is a celebratory experience and will absolutely be a winter dream emblazoned on your edible memory and your stomach will thank you tremendously.  Lemon potatoes sing a great harmony along the steak melody bringing this star show to you with panache!
If you are trying to seal any kind of deal whether it be personal or corporate, Chocolate Lava Cake is the perfect answer to earn a YES!  Lightly dusted with fairydust of confection sugar and properly punctuated with fresh strawberries successfully secured in the dead of winter, the Chocolate Dream oozing with even more amazing chocolate once you cut into it parties in whipped cream to confirm that chocolate is always the right answer.

Ammos Estiatorio continues to earn our Highest Recommendation.

52 Vanderbilt Avenue

New York, NY 10017

Tel: 212.922.9999

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